dbXpert Pricing & Terms

1-4 Users
5-9 Users (you save 10%)
10- 19 Users (you save 20%)
20-49 Users (you save 35%)
50-99 Users (you save 50%)

Site License*

Pricing (US$)

(With first year support)

$126 per user
$113 per user
$101 per user
$82 per user
$65 per user
$5000 per site

Annual Service Contract (US$)


$25 per user
$23 per user
$20 per user
$16 per user
$13 per user
$1000 per site

How To Order?

You can place an online credit card order or you can order through a reseller in your country.


Support includes Technical Product Support, Patch Releases, and Product Upgrades.

Service Contract

If you order an Annual Service Contract with your dbXpert for Oracle license, you are entitled to receive technical support by e-mail and free product upgrades for the period of 1 year. Without this contract, you will receive only patch releases of the dbXpert for Oracle version you purchased and the first 6 months support.

You can order the service contract directly with dbXpert for Oracle or at a later time. The service contract can be renewed when it expires after 1 year.

Site License

Site LIcense applies to ONE company. If you buy a site license for your company, the number of licensed users can be unlimited. The company may include all subsidiaries and branch offices, as long as they share ONE company identity.