dbXpert for Oracle

Features Review

Support Unicode and Multiple-Byte Languages

dbXpert supports Unicode Character and Multiple-Byt Character standards. You can edit or execute any statements with Unicode Characters. You can also directly edit the resultset with Unicode Characters.

To manage Unicode Character, please check the following configuration:

1. Your database should be Unicode enabled.

2. Set the NLS_LANG in the client's registry to any Unicode supported language. e.g: AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8

3. Configure the Languages Settings in your client machine.

e.g: Goto : "Control Panel" -> "Regional Options" -> "General"

In the "Languages Settings for the System", select the laguages that you want to install (you may need to restart your machine).

4. In dbXpert, go to "Files" -> "Properties" -> "Data Grid" . Select an Unicode font such as "Lucida Sans Unicode". Click apply and restart dbXpert.